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Freeman Seating

By Minotti
Freeman Seating
Freeman Seating

Innovating interior living space design through a seating system displaying into a variety of elements, with different features, a strong aesthetic identity, elegant proportions and unrivaled comfort. 

Freeman embodies this dual identity:  the Freeman "Duvet" elements featre smooth, enveloping lines and extra-soft cushions that, like a warm embrace, induce a feeling of pure relaxation.  Freeman Duvet combines soothing design elements and especially sophisticated construction details steeped in tradition that evoke classical modern perfection. 

The Freeman "Tailor" elements express a different personality, with their more defined shapes and one-piece seats enhanced with top-stitching that accents their graphic nature and contemporary spirit. 

The wedding of these two spirits makes it possible to create "multitasking" compositions, with a dynamic air that characterize different moments in the day and different ways of using the sofa.  The Freeman seating system deservedly takes center stge in any living space.  In which to enjoy the intimacy of family or entertain friends in an elegant, yet informal setting. 

The base of the sofa is finished with an elegant, extruded aluminum frame iwth rounded edges in a glossy light bronze painted finish.  The cast aluminum joint fittings located at the corners are a defining detail that lends an air of sophistication to the sofa base.

The sofa is raised off the floor on refined metal feet with a glossy light bronze painted finish for an effect of overall lightness. 

A SMINK showroom model.

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