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Made in Italy

Since 1925 the Porro family manages a company supporting a unique furnishing philosophy, matching handicraft tradition of the time with the most modern advanced manufacturing and information technologies.

The furnishing culture as family wealth, together with the diktats, production is based on, that is formal cleanness, shape and function geometry, are the buttonholes allowing Porro to consistently get a more and more consistent international market share without forgetting or betraying its origins.

The brand at present too stands out for its product quality and customer service. Two basic features which still depend on the consistent connection to the local territory supporting Porro foundation and growth, to the skill and expertise of its employees and finally to an extremely flexible production and manufacturing activity organisation, consistently and rapidly complying with any standard or customised request.

Among the most looked-for furnishing brands on the market, Porro stands out for its essential and immediately identified language, with simple signs, geometries, shapes, without forgetting in case of highly complex production processing too, its unique company philosophy: simplicity above all.

All Porro products are the result of a subtraction, from a progressive simplification process. Systems which are complex too, are the result of a very simple aesthetic vision, based on consistency, simplification, simplicity, without forgetting quality, the best possible quality at all.

Porro brand dates back to 1925 but it always managed to anticipate trends in time, thanks to its constant research on materials, shapes and processing techniques.

The study of technological details, the selection of woods and colours and why not trials on materials generally are developed by Centro di Ricerca e Sviluppo Porro, the required link between designers and production, taking care of the project more technical requirements.

If systems are entirely manufactured within the company, as for the collection units, Centro di Ricerca e Sviluppo selects the most qualified companies on the surrounding territories, able and expert enough to rely on for the most complex techniques, such as inlay, metal folding, solid wood processing or thermal and plastic material processing.
The development of exclusive and unique technologies, some even patented, provide for a higher consistency and deeper value to each Porro furnishing unit.

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