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Made in Italy

Based out of Paris, but manufactured in Italy, the Arcade glass is well-known worldwide as a work of art.  Ivan Baj started Arcade in the 1980's to supply the society women of Paris with quality modern glass pieces.  Each season he creates his fashionable collection of vases limiting each edition to 33.  Every piece is mouth blown and hand etched, using the old techniques in Murano, Italy. The colors are produced by mixing the color into the silicon material, then boiling it to 5,000 degrees, overnight.  The process of blowing the the pieces begins in the morning.  Finishing techniques include the opaque look given by rubbing a wet newspaper paper onto the glass. An art process through and through. 

Included under the umbrella of Ivan's artistic realm is the AVEC textiles.  Hand spun and hand woven textiles in the most romantic colors carry us away with the depth of color and the hand of the weave.  Unique and utterly lush.....


SMINK has shown Ivan's artistic creations for 15 years and continues to look forward to the creations coming in the next season.  

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